In some CRM systems, the term account is used instead of the company. The system may also be called account management software instead of CRM. Typically, an account or a company has one or more contacts associated with it. These are individuals inside the company that an account manager works with.

Why accounting and CRM are stronger together?

When choosing accounting software for small business, it’s vital to consider how you’ll actually use it throughout the lifecycle of your business. Gauge whether the solutions offered are actually what you need and whether its automation features can be tailored around the dynamics of your individual business. The capability to alter the functions of your program makes your management experience straightforward and accurate. A truly valuable accounting solution is customizable, like the CRM platform itself. Yet while a CRM can accommodate accounting, most accounting software programs haven’t shared the same customizable aspects of a CRM until now.

Key features includes

  • Integration with QuickBooks and all accounting software's.
  • Managing account receivables & payables, G.L codes.
  • Payroll management system.
  • Inventory management & control.
  • Manage sales & purchase orders.
  • Managing budgets & forecasts.
  • Fund & expense management.
  • Manage multi-country taxes.