Calendar And Tasks

These are the features in CRM to improvise the daily activities of business users / clients. These objects comes under scheduling
management software

How Calendar and Tasks works?

Basically Calendar & Tasks works on two objects called: Task and Event. Task can be defined as: An assigned action that needs to be completed. Tasks can have specified due dates and statuses. Event can be defined as: Calendar event scheduled for a specific date and time. Events can be actual events or just a hold on the calendar for the specific action.

Key features includes

  • Tracking worker’s work timings & and breaks.
  • Service Task automation.
  • Managing Schedules, Routes & Time.
  • Tracking attendance & holidays.
  • Use desktop notifications.
  • Change the event notification time.
  • Set due dates and times for tasks (synchronizing with Google Calendar)
  • Receive tasks notifications
  • Attach Quote, Ticket ,Opportunity with task.
  • See All Reps task at One Place on Group Colander
  • Create Task & Work on it according preferences
  • Calendars: Personalized and Shared