Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts Management

Contract management software or Contract Lifecycle Management is the Management of contracts from vendors, partners, customers, or employees – and at its most basic, contract management software can be defined as an electronic version of a filing cabinet.
Contract Software

Importance of Contract Managements?

Contracts are essential to companies of all shapes and sizes. Every business should care very much about what’s inside its contracts, because they are binding, and govern over 80% of transactions and value. Contracts outline the rights and obligations of the company and its customers, vendors and partners.

Key features includes

  • Generate time period & hourly Contracts.
  • Generate a document in a few seconds.
  • Create your own Custom fields.
  • Automate the payments.
  • Managing your Leases, Licenses & agreements.
  • Automatically processing the Contracts.
  • See future billing.