Customer Management

A CRM portal is an extension to a CRM system. A CRM portal is a way to open up the CRM system to people who are not CRM system users. This allows them to work with and get information from the company in an efficient way, regardless of the time of the day. CRM portals usually ask the user to log in. When this is done, they are connected to the CRM system, and have access to those items that the portal is set to allow.

How Customer Portal works?

The CRM portal will ask the user to log in, and based on CRM system data, provide the access that is authorized and relevant to that user. A Customer Portal may allow “Self-Support.” A customer with a problem can search the company’s knowledge base to see if they can find a solution. If an answer is not found, they would be allowed to create a new Customer Support Ticket. They also might be allowed to enter new information about an existing ticket and see status and resolution of Support Tickets that were previously entered. CRM Hike Customer Management Software for Small Business is one of the best CRM customer relationship management software.

Key features includes

  • Save your Customers all information like Contact numbers, Emails, Address etc.
  • Manage Accounts, Passwords & secure information.
  • Managing related Accounts.
  • Managing vendors.
  • Managing Sub-contractor.
  • Searching Sub-contractor within a certain radius.
  • Adding multiple contacts under same Account.
  • Managing Documents under Account.
  • Create your own Custom Fields.
  • Managing Customer Inventory.
  • Managing multiple Job locations under one Account.
  • Track Email history.
  • Customers can Login via Customer Portal & view their documents, service orders.
  • Take action with an Email or Call, or get assistance with a general entry.
  • Contact can be shared among multiple accounts.