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Make better business decisions with our software. Drive your sales, manage your Customers, Documents, Accounts, Inventory, Purchasing & Receiving, Campaigns & Marketing with CRM Hike. Everything is loaded in just one perfect software. A highly-flexible and intuitive software that can be used immediately after setup completion. CRM Hike is one of the best CRM Marketing Software.
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What sets CRMHike’s marketing apart?

Personal contact with customers.
Get in touch with customers via every channel- email marketing software, telephone, live chat, and social media.
Achieve real-time notifications when customers show some interest or network with your business.
Measure the efficiency of your customer communication. We find the best channel to reach out to your customer at an accurate time.

Save more time with email automation tool

CRM Marketing Automation automates every feature of your business and reduces time-intensive and repetitive tasks.
Generate immediate actions, stay a step ahead of competitors and follow up better with workflows.
Rearrange your lead development procedure and make the most of every incoming lead.

Obtain real-time reports and insights

Make smarter business decisions with powerful and instantaneous analytics.
Calculate and achieve your organization’s overall sales performance.
Track major enactment pointers such as current trends and future predictions.

How can Marketing CRM help you?


Increases Conversion Rate


Improves ROI


Grows Sales Productivity


Increases CAGR

Main features of Sales CRM

Email Marketing

For iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

How CRMHike’s marketing work?

Identify your customers

Connect data throughout multiple sectors and devices to obtain a unified view of the customer. Get and activate first-party, second-party, and third-party data to identify your customer, and drive growth by reaching new audience segments.

Engaging throughout the process

Create real-time engagement from awareness to advocacy on both sides. Enthusiastically deliver the commitment for each individual at scale.

Analyze the impact

Measure end-to-end marketing effectiveness throughout digital channels and then perform actions accordingly and provide data-driven, tailored experiences throughout every stage of a customer’s relationship with your brand.

Managing B2B or B2C

Whether your customer is an individual or an organization, make use of one first-class digital marketing platform to unify data sources, present data on every channel, involve in any stage of their relationship with your brand, and measure the every campaign’s performance.