Opportunity / Deals

An Opportunity is defined as a sales prospect, requested service or product, sales volume and a sales probability. Opportunity management is one of the integral parts of the CRM module and this allows you to control the sales process. A marketing opportunity is a sales-accepted lead that has been qualified as being in need of your product or service.A sales representative determines that there is an opportunity to sell to this individual or company. CRM Hike Lead Management Software for Small Business is one of the best Lead Tracking Software.
Lead Management Software for Small Business

How does an Opportunity work?

In a CRM solution, all the information on an opportunity is recorded systematically in a data record: This information can take the form of notes and details on the first time contact was made to important address and contact data as well as any subsequent correspondence and offers made. Typically the sales rep must determine that the prospect has the budget, need, and authority to buy our product.What role does a marketing opportunity play?Marketing opportunity creation is a critical bottom-of-funnel metric for B2B organizations. The more opportunities your organization drives, the more customers and sales you are likely to close.An opportunity is more down-funnel than a lead or sales-accepted lead: you know their problem, know that you can provide a solution, and know that they have the resources to purchase your product or solution.

Key features includes

  • Tracking every Lead that can be converted into a customer.
  • Tracking every Prospects requested service or product.
  • Providing real time information that can ensure business success.
  • Create your own Custom Fields.
  • Tracking Sales volume & profitability.
  • Automatically targeting those Prospects who have the possibility to close the deal.
  • Automatically recording all Opportunity related interactions.
  • Storing all Lead information at one place saves a lot of Time.
  • Monitor Tasks, Emails, Calls & Meetings.