Quote Managements

Quotation is a legally binding agreement of your company with your customer to deliver a specific product in a specified timeframe at a pre-defined price. In SAP CRM Sales Quotations are created as follow-up documents for opportunities. A quotation can be copied or converted to a sales order.
Quote Software

How Quote Managements works?

A CRM with Quote Management is a must. Generally, a Sales Quote contains the Quote number; quote date; items with the quantities and price, and Terms & Conditions. In Sales boom CRM Quote Management Software you can create a quote directly from your CRM Quote Management System.

Key features includes

  • Creating professional looking Quotes.
  • Sales Quote contains the Quote number, quote date, items with the quantities and price, and Terms & Conditions.
  • Categorize quoted line items with grouping capabilities.
  • Creating Quotes with greater efficiency and export functionality to send to customers like PDF custom template.
  • Multi-currency support helps you to Work within your preferred currency while accommodating your customer’s in their currency in the same Proposal.
  • Create your own Custom Fields.
  • You can make modifications to your quotations anytime.
  • Generate customer Invoices from Quotations.
  • Recurring items into Quote.
  • Track Time-log against Quote.
  • Separate Quote by multiple Rooms/Regions.
  • Attach any document with your proposal and Email it along with the quote.
  • Real-time statistics tracking regarding who has viewed the Proposal.