As we all know, reporting is the basic need for anything happening in the world to know the situation of the particular work. CRM has many options of management reporting. It can be expressed broadly, as reports are used to run the organization, make business decisions, and monitor progress. Management reports help managers to monitor the smaller details of their department.
Reporting Software

How Reporting Works?

Reporting is done on the basis of Report Type, Fields/columns, Filters, Formats. Reporting can be used daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It also depends on the database collected. Bigger the database, better the reporting. Employees submit managerial reports to their managers. Management reports range in content and breadth. Management reports contain financial and operational reports on a small segment of the business. Management reports can also contain complex and involved reports like the P&L document, accounts receivable aging, or the operating budget Management reports are a form of business intelligence.

Key features includes

  • Simplicity- The report should be simple.
  • Clarity- A report should be absolutely clear. Clarity depends on proper arrangement of facts. The report should be arranged systematically showing the purpose, source of data, findings and, finally, suggestions. Lack of clarity will fail to serve the purpose.
  • Brevity- The report should be brief and to the point.
  • Accuracy -The scientific accuracy of facts is essential to a good report.
  • Relevance - Every fact given in the report should have a bearing on the central purpose of the report.
  • Reader-orientation - A report is meant for a particular person, say manager. It is necessary to keep in mind the person who is going to read the report.
  • Grammatical Accuracy - Every report must have grammatical accuracy. All the rules of grammar and construction of sentences apply to the drafting of reports.
  • Modification - Easy way to modify Reports According to your needs