Service ticket / Cases

Tickets (or cases) refers to pieces of work that are created in the system. For example, every sales inquiry will become a new ticket.?Since ticketing is a basic building block of any CRM system, it is important that the CRM that you select provides rich functionality in this aspect. CRM Hike Sales Lead Tracking Software manages your tickets, support teams, and companies.

How Do Tickets/Cases Work?

Support tickets are incredibly helpful to customers, support teams, and companies alike. For customers, a support ticket is an efficient, individualized way to connect with support reps and get their issues ironed out. They can explain their entire problem, then add more details as the case continues. This saves them from repeating important information, especially if they have to work with multiple agents on the same ticket. For customer support reps, tickets provide a trackable inventory of the customers they need to assist. Support reps may be working with over 30 customers per day, so it helps to have a system to digitize support communication and make processes like logging and updating customer information simpler and more accessible. Sales Lead Tracking Software is designed to automate business.

Key features includes

  • Automated Work order management system.
  • Generate recurring Service Order.
  • Assign the job to the preferred technician always.
  • Submitting Forms automatically.
  • Schedule, Dispatch & Close Service Orders on time.
  • Create your own Custom Fields.
  • Locking Service Orders so that your data won't be overwritten.
  • Tracking maintenance Inventory.