Terms & Condition

Customer has to sign the Quote before any on boarding process starts.

Customer has to provide 50% in advance of Implementation, Conversion & Training fee for CRM set up & 50% after completion. As soon as implementation, conversion & training is completed customers have to pay a monthly subscription fee in advance. No fee would be returned back.

We only provide CRM, hosting, SSL services with CRM. There won’t be any additional development. For any additional development customers have to pay extra based on the deal. If customers want they can host the CRM in their environment.

We are liable to backup your data everyday so that If anything happens we can restore your old data.

Customer can upgrade their CRM plan whenever they want without any data loss.

CRMHike belongs to VMRVisoin. Customers would never be provided with a source copy of code. Data belongs to the customer. They can ask for their data whenever they want.

Customer can terminate the agreement whenever they want & the data would be provided to them as per mentioned in the contract.