Help Desk CRM

What happens when your software is not working? Who is your point of contact? We are there for you. We have lined up a great customer support to resolve your business problems. Maintaining a great relationship with our customers is what we believe. Purchasing our CRM help desk software provides smooth access to our services, which will help you separate from your competitors. Our team of experts will assist you in resolving even your smallest queries, with over 100+ personnel working on supporting your queries.
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How is help desk beneficial for you?

CRM and help desk software streamlines customer-facing interactions by converting inquiries into ‘tickets’ and automating information retrieval tasks. It allows you to keep a single, unified record of customer interactions throughout all communication channels. CRM Hike is the best CRM Ticketing System. We at CRMHike are proud of the service and customer support team who have resolved 1000+ queries till data and are capable of handling critical problems, as well as supporting both small scale and mid-scale industries and are expanding even more to support large scale industries.

How can Help Desk CRM help you?


Ensure Tickets Answering


Improves Tickets Resolution


Grows Company Productivity


Inreases Customer Satisfaction

Main features of Sales CRM

Customer Management

Know Your Contacts Better


Schedule Appointments Faster

Service ticket / Cases

Powerful case management

Customer Survey

Customer can rate ticket or rep

Project Management

Integrate and Manage projects

Contracts Managements

Create recurring Invoice

Documents And File

Breathe new life into sales & marketing documents


Build reports from CRM data

Calendar And Tasks

Meetings & tasks synced into calendar


Merge relevant data to accounting software


Automate repetitive tasks

Knowledge Base

Fast Answers to Previously Solved Problems

How Help desk works?

Listening to customer's requirement

All the customer conversation is kept at one place & properly streamlined. Reponses between customer & company are streamlined.

Providing attentive customer support

In CRMHike we can collaborate teams to works much faster & finish the task on time.

Responding quickly to requests

As soon as ticket is created or automatically created Customer is notified via email or message. Same thing with the Job done. As soon as Job is completed customer is notified.

Keeping up with the customer needs

Our system sends customer automated emails so that customer know where we are and what is in progress.

Email Survey

As soon as Job is completed our CRM ticketing software automatically sends survey out & customer can rate his experience.